Monday, July 1, 2013

Summer fun

We had never taken the kids to a drive in movie they loved it! Watched the movie from the back of the pickup, rode home that way (the bed of the pickup has a cover), and even slept in the back of the pickup all night.  Crazy!!

Rigby lake! Kaysha and Carmen came to visit us again this summer.

this is Hagen in a Kayak

Trey and his friend Conner

Carmen trying out the Kayak

Two of a kind!!


My parents came home from their mission in Africa in Feb of this year.  They met Neverjack over there he is the Bishop of one of the wards they were involved with they fell in love with him and brought him to the states and we fell in love with him too!  This is Alli teaching him the cup song!!

When he came Kade had been sick but he loved playing ping pong with him I think Kade really to a liking to him!!:)

He is a very humble man and was so grateful for this opportunity

He even came to kades last baseball game!!


It was a loooong drive!!!! Trey didnt make it 20 min before he fell asleep;)

Grandma Wendy got to go with us and Granpa flew in from ND to come with us for a couple days.

First we stopped in Yermo CA (Ghost town) it was pretty cool to see all the old stores it looked like we were walking through an old western movie.

It was 107 degreees outside though....IT WAS HOT!!!

First day at Disneyland! We spent the day at California Adventure.

Kolby and Kade waiting in line....

Mike Wasouski!!!! (Is that how you spell it?)

This is us on the Tower of Terror notice the big guy top left we thought it was pretty funny!

This was one of my favorite rides "Soaring" it was like you were hang gliding over california your chair moved it seemed real....pretty cool.

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This was the new cars ride I still cant believe how much detail they have put into everything.

We ate a Flo's cafe

This was the cozy cone motel:)

Kade and I on a roller coaster

Space Mountain!


Kado feeding the ducks

We stopped at the Newport Beach temple it was beautiful the outside was like a mauve color I loved it.

Me and Al!!!

I love him!!!!

Beach day was fun a little chilly for my taste but the kids had a blast

Jeff got a black eye playing beach football!!! He says that was the highlight of his trip:)

Stopped at the Bass Pro Shop in Las vegas

She thought she could make this look real so everyone would think she really met them....:)

Good Trip!!!!!! But always glad to be home!